Wood Carving Chisel Set


With this wood chisel set, you can turn your angle grinder into an electric chisel.

✔ Easy installation: This electric chisel is very smooth, controllable and continuous engraving process, easy to install and operate.
✔ Easy to use: You only need to own a set of chisels to turn an angle grinder into a power chisel, very convenient.
✔ High security: Even touch of a finger tip to vibrate, it will not hurt your fingers cutting, safe to use.
✔ High work efficiency: Woodworking power chisel can safely and effectively improve your work efficiency, the power depends on your angle grinder.
✔ baffle design: The removable baffle design reduces the possibility of debris flying into the machine. Extends the life of the angle grinder.
✔ Professional woodworking tools: This wood carving chisel set is a professional woodworking tool, efficient, convenient and easy to use.

• Name: Wood Carving Chisel Set
• Color: Yellow + Black
• Adapter: M10
• Fit for 100 Angle Grinder
• Full length: 200mm, shank diameter: 150mm
• Material: steel + plastic

Package Included:

• 1 x M10 Adapter
• 1 x screw nut
• 2 x Chisels

Wood Carving Chisel Set
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