Interactive Carrot Plush Toy

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Keep your dog entertained for hours with the Carrot Farm dog toy!

As a dog owner, it can be frustrating to see your furry friend bored and inactive when they are left alone or can't be taken for a walk. It's natural to want to keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated, especially when they have a lot of energy to burn. 

Easy activity to keep your dogs mentally stimulated!

Give your dog the gift of endless entertainment and mental stimulation with the Carrot Farm dog toy. Its unique design allows your dog to sniff and harvest hidden dog treats, providing an indoor solution for tiring out high-energy dogs.

Why should you have this Interactive Carrot Plush Toy?

  • The Carrot Farm dog toy brings joy and contentment to both you and your dog.
  • It strengthens the bond between you and your dog.
  • It helps your dog release pent-up energy leading to a calmer pet.
  • Gives peace of mind knowing your dog is entertained
  • Provides natural instincts stimulation.

Features :

  • UNIQUE DESIGN - The Carrot Farm dog toy features a unique design that allows your dog to sniff and harvest hidden treats, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SIZES - It's suitable for small and big dogs alike, making it a versatile option for any dog owner.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The durable construction of the Carrot Farm dog toy ensures that it can withstand rough play and is built to last.
  • INDOOR SOLUTION FOR HIGH-ENERGY DOGS - The Carrot Farm dog toy is an indoor solution for high-energy dogs, providing an easy way to tire out your dog without leaving your home.
  • EASY TO USE - The Carrot Farm dog toy is easy to use, Simply fill the soil cushion with dog treats and watch your dog have hours of fun with hide and seek play.
  • MENTAL STIMULATION - The Carrot Farm dog toy is a perfect way to keep your dog mentally stimulated and engaged, helping to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

Package Included :

  • 1x Interactive Carrot Plush Toy

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Average handymanAverage handyman
    Great quality and good for medium to large dog!

    My dog ​​likes this toy very much because it is hard enough and the color is very bright! And, you can smell some milk scent, dogs will like it more. The hardness of this toy is suitable for medium to large dogs, and it is very resistant to biting. The quality is very good. My dog ​​can bite quickly on other toys, but this toy still looks very good after he bit it for a week. A very pleasant shopping process!

    Good quality toy

    Love this toy! My Rottweiler usually chews through toys in a few days but we’ve had this for about 2 weeks and it’s still in one piece. Great material. Love that it’s a carrot too, super cute. It reminds me of the super chewer bark box toys we love. 10/10 would recommend. Wish they had some similar toys I’d buy all of them.

    yanwei yangyanwei yang
    so good -

    Great toy! Came FAST ahead of schedule. The quality is super, there is no foreign smell, it is even sewn, the cover is lock for washing, which is very comfortable

    Jor ElJor El
    Dogs love it!

    I bought this toy because my dogs always chew through the toys I buy for them and break them so easily. I wanted something that could squeak (they love squeaky toys) that wouldn't fall apart or break right away. I've spent hundreds on toys the last few months because they never last, but I have had this carrot toy for over a week now and it's still in like new condition and both my dogs love it.

    Attractive, Durable, good size !

    Super snuffle-style mat. Great quality. Price is about half of what you’d pay in the U.K. it took my girl a while to work out that she had to pull the carrots out (she’s been used to a traditional snuffle mat), but once she’d figured it out there was no stopping her - she loves it! Removable, washable cover. Non-slip base. Highly recommende

    Interactive Carrot Plush Toy
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