Tablet Floor Stand Adjustable Holder - The Premium Ipad Stand & Tablet Holder

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Are you looking for a floor tablet holder that can be adjusted to any position? Our Adjustable Floor Tablet Stand Holder can be easily adjusted to your chosen position, allowing you to modify the view angle of your iPad or phone with one hand.

This floor tablet holder is mainly designed for viewing and reading. When you lie in bed, sofa or sit next to your desk, ready to enjoy leisure time with your tablet, like to watch videos and read books, It makes a great habitat for your tablet by keeping your hands free.


Do you love watching videos, TV series, and movies on your tablet? Then, you should have a reliable and sturdy tablet floor stand like this one. This tablet holder stand has a tripod base and it stands on its own. Unlike other tablet holders, this one stands from the floor. So, you do not need to clip it or mount it on a table or any solid surface. Moreover, this tablet holder also has a flexible neck that you can easily bend and fold into any angle and direction that you want. The base is sturdy and it will not wobble, bend, nor shake while you are enjoying your film. You can also adjust the height of the stand. So, it’s suitable whether you’re watching from your bed, couch, or on a chair. This tablet holder is also very suitable for making video calls and meetings using your tablet.
The best thing about this tablet holder is that it is very sturdy and durable. It has a solid triangle base with three solid legs as bases. Moreover, each leg also has a rubber stopper at the end to prevent the holder from slipping or sliding around. The rod is rotatable at a 360-degree angle. Its telescopic body is made so that you can adjust the height of the tablet holder. Even the bracket itself is adjustable. In fact, it can fit tablets and phones that are 4.7 to 10 inches long.
Another feature of this tablet holder is that it’s foldable and lightweight. So, you can easily move it around the house. Moreover, you can also easily take it on trips. In fact, even on camping and outdoor trips. With this tablet stand, you’ll have a reliable and sturdy tablet holder so you can enjoy uninterrupted movie watching.

 Compatible Size: 4.7in – 10in Phone And Tablet
 Clamp Stretch: From 12cm / 4.7in – 17.5cm / 6.9in
 Adjustable Height: From 107cm / 42.1in – 168cm / 66.1in
 Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) And Metal Arm
Package include:
 1x Tablet Floor Stand Adjustable Holder
Tablet Floor Stand Adjustable Holder - The Premium Ipad Stand & Tablet Holder
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