Smart Eye Massager - Electric Bluetooth Smart Eye Massager with Heat & Pressure Point Therapy

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When's the last time you feel like you got a good nights rest?
Give your eyes the much needed relaxation they deserve, anytime, anywhere. Prevent the tension and eye straining using the Electric Bluetooth Smart Eye Massager with Heat & Pressure Point Therapy to relieve soreness, dullness, or pain.

Designed with intelligent air pressure and acupuncture technology, 15 minute sessions of the eye massager everyday will have a great effect in reducing fine lines, repair your skin elasticity and fade dark circles. Relieve eye fatigue and feel as if you had a full night's worth of sleep and overall improve eye bags, eye puffiness, and etc. with a more energetic, brighter you!

Spa at home: the Eye massager includes 5 total massage modes: with Integrated mode, clear mode, sleep mode, dynamic mode and comfort mode. All providing powerful yet gentle air pressure, with acupuncture point vibration massage and constant temperature heat compression to relax the nervous system and relieve fatigue.
Ergonomic & Comfortably Designed: Along with an ergonomically curved design with 180° adjustable folding, it will fit your face’s contours while resting comfortably above your nose. Made with a soft and smooth PU leather material that delivers comfort to the touch, a high elastic headband and adjustable buckle that can fit most people.

Pressure heat massage: Air pressure and tender vibration with gentle heating about 107℉/42℃, which is a safe temperature for the eyes. Designed to give you an ultimate massage therapy experience. Stop paying for expensive trips for massage therapy when you can do it at the comfort of your own home.
Sleep helper: Designed to prevent eye tension, relieve eye strain, dry eyes, puffiness eyes, dark circle as well as insomnia by promoting the blood circulation and giving your eyes the much needed relaxation. Perfect for studying students, people who work on a computer all day, etc.

Touch Panel Control: You don’t need to take the mask off mid session to make any adjustments. Simply control the massage via the touch panel on the outside of the massager.
Bluetooth compatible: Built-in speakers and prerecorded white nature sounds to enhance relaxation even further. You can even connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to play your own playlists. Music helps reduce anxiety and the physical effects of stress during your massaging experience.

Help For Insomnia: Because of the low vibration massage and sounds emitted by the eye massager, it also makes for a great pre-sleep massage. Relax and unwind properly before turning in for the night.
Protect Eyesight: Protect your most important sense with only 15 minutes a day of usage. Relieve eye fatigue from the comfort of your own home after a stressful day on your eyes.

Large Battery, USB Charging: No need to constantly buy expensive dry batteries. This massager charges via a USB and gives a long usage time. Great for travelling with too!
One button control: Equipped with LCD and easy to operate with one button control.

• Battery: lithium battery
 Battery capacity: 1800mA
 Vibration frequency: 60-80 times per second
 Charging method: USB

Package include: 
• 1 x Smart Eye Massager - Electric Bluetooth Smart Eye Massager with Heat & Pressure Point Therapy
• 1 x USB Charging Cable
• 1 x User Manual

Smart Eye Massager - Electric Bluetooth Smart Eye Massager with Heat & Pressure Point Therapy
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