Portable Baby Bed

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Tired of not getting a good night's sleep, is waking up constantly taking its toll? Wish your little one could sleep anywhere when out and about?
Well, you need the Portable Baby Bed. Take it with youANYWHERE, so you can guarantee that your child will be 100%SAFE and get a perfect sleep no matter where you are!
Portable Baby Bed is the best comfort money can buy for your little one. She sleeps well and comfortably in it.
Over 30% of babies under 6 months have Flat Head Syndrome. So, we have to be extra cautious about their sleeping posture and cycle.
Portable Baby Bed is ergonomically designed for optimum safety and comfort. The headrest, body support, and edges create a nest-like structure that assures an ideal sleeping position. It is designed to distribute pressure evenly over the skull while the baby lies on its back, which helps the baby develop the proper head shape.

Main Features:

  • The bed is adjustable to fit infants of all sizes and can save your child’s life. That’s because the shape of the portable baby bed imitates the infant’s embryo period and has an anti-rollover shaping pillow.
  • Safe and comfortable for all infants.
  • Lightweight: It is advantageous to choose a lightweight travel crib because you will be carrying this around.
  • Easy to Assemble: The best travel baby bed should set up as easily.
  • Washable: You can wash this when it gets dirty.
  • Breathable: For safety reasons, it is very important that a portable baby crib for travel or an infant travel bed has proper venting and breathable fabric.
  • Reduces the risk of flat head syndrome.
  • Mimics the shape of a pregnant woman’s uterus.
  • Softness: To guarantee your baby is completely comfortable, the anatomical headrest is made from very soft jersey fabric whilst the backrest section is micro-breathable
Now you can enjoy a restless night sleep while your little one sleeps in total bliss
Package contents:
1 x Portable Baby Bed
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