Magnifyinglamp™ - 5X – 8X Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light

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See everything in perfect detail with our Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light!

Our Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light is perfect for anyone who struggles to read small print. It magnifies your reading material up to 8X its original size, so you can see everything clearly. It also has 64 bright LEDs that illuminate your work area, so you can see what you’re doing even in low light.

This lamp is perfect for any activity that requires close inspection. Its bright LED lights and distortion-free magnification make it easy to see every detail.

This lamp is perfect for hobbies, crafts and needlework. It’s also great for people who work with small parts or need to see detail on a regular basis. With its clear magnification and bright light, the Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light makes it easy to see what you’re doing – so you can focus on your work instead of struggling to see it.

Why should you have this Magnifying Desk Lamp?

  • See objects more clearly with magnification.
  • Read without eyestrain.
  • Enjoy your hobbies and crafts more than ever before.
  • Make your needlework projects look neater than ever before.
  • Be able to do the things you love, regardless of your age.
  • Avoid eyestrain and fatigue from poor lighting.

Features :

  • 5X – 8X MAGNIFICATION - Up to 8x magnification lens is made of high-quality optical glass that provides a clear field of view and brings sharper detail. Unlike cheap lenses made of plastic/acrylic that fog up, this lens will not distort the image and it is also scratch resistant to ensure durability.
  • 3 COLOR & ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING - With three different color modes and an infinitely dimmable design, this lamp gives you unlimited lighting possibilities. Whether you need a bright white light or a warmer orange light, the magnifying desk lamp with light has you covered.
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN - The Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light is designed to be flexible, so you can adjust it to the perfect angle for your needs. Whether you're working on a detailed project or just reading the newspaper, this lamp will make it easier to see.
  • 64 BRIGHT, NON-GLARE LEDS - The LED lighted magnifying glass provides plenty of illumination, making it perfect for use in low-light conditions. The energy-efficient LEDs use minimal power, making this magnifying desk lamp a cost effective choice.
  • EYE PROTECTION - The magnifying desk lamp has a ring design with 64 built-in high-quality LED lights. No glare, no flicker. Provide you with uniform and soft light and a large irradiation area. This magnifying glass with light and stand is the perfect gift for people with low vision, macular degeneration, and those who need to constantly focus on close work.

5X – 8X Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light ( Small) Specifications :

  • Light source: 64LEDs
  • Luminous flux: 1200lm
  • Light color: 6500k cold white, 4000k natural white, 3000k warm light
  • Brightness: 10 levels
  • Lamp outer diameter: 155mm / 6.1in
  • Holder length: 270mm/10.6in + 270mm/10.6in

5X – 8X Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light ( Large) Specifications :

  • Light source: 64LEDs
  • Luminous flux: 1200lm
  • Light color: 6500k cold white, 4000k natural white, 3000k warm light
  • Brightness: 10 levels
  • Lamp outer diameter: 155mm / 6.1in
  • Holder length: 370mm/14.5in + 370mm/14.5in

Package Included :

  • 1x Magnifying Desk Lamp With Light

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Makes Art Detail Easy

Can't do art without magnification, and this wonderful lighted magnifier was a lifesaver. Prevents eye strain and makes every paint stroke perfect!

Good buy

I use this for my cross stitch and I love it. I love you can adjust the brightness. It attaches firm and sturdy to my stand. It's large enough that I don't have to move it around much with my work and the magnifyer works very well


I could literally have not found a more perfect light! I own a small jewelry business that involves intricate detailing which makes this item a necessity. The color options, the choice of how bright you want it, the different areas on the entire piece that allows you to reposition it to your need….All are so very important and included! And the glass magnifying piece is a Very generous size and made of of real glass unlike the others I’ve tried in the past. I just love this lamp so much I absolutely felt compelled to leave a review. A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER review:)

Gina Sotelo
Love the different lighting

Love the different lighting. I also loved the magnifying glass it's absolutely awesome

Awesome product with loads of features

I am rather impressed with this product, its well made and comes with 2 modes of attaching which are interchangeable and easy to mount. The magnifying, size and range of motion is great but I was most impressed with the number of lighting options. There are 3 lighting styles that work great when dealing with different items and each one can be dimmed or increased by using a +/- button. Great for product inspections which is what we are using it for, but I can see this also being perfect for arts and crafts, workshop, etc. My only gripe would be that the light controls are on the cord rather than somewhere on the light itself, .

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