Flexible Drill Shaft Extension

Having trouble inserting your screwdriver into narrow spaces or situating it into awkward positions? This can make a task that should be quick and easy into one that's difficult and time-consuming.
Lucky for you, we've got just the tool you need to make your life a whole lot easier! Our innovative, Flexible Drill Extension has a flexible shaft, designed to help you complete those difficult tasks with ease. The freely rotating inner extension shaft allows you to tighten and loosen screws that are located in those awkward, hard-to-reach places.
This extension tool can be bent, twisted, and rotated at many different angles. It can also be used to drill into small spaces, and in a variety of gaps to get more flexibility during installation work. This flexible drill-bit extension tool helps you with a variety of household work.

Main features:

  • SAFETY: The shield of the flexible drill extension protects your hands while the inner shaft rotates freely.
  • FLEXIBILITY: 11.8 inches Flexible Drill Shaft Extension can bend and turn even in tight spaces.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The Flexible Drill Shaft Extension is made of high-quality carbon steel, which is practical and durable.
  • FURTHER FIELD OF APPLICATION: A Flexible Drill Shaft Extension is an important tool in maintenance and repair, including computer cases, furniture, electrical appliances, etc.
  • APPLICATION: The 6.35mm hex bit holder fits well for drilling. Make the drill an excellent combination suitable for normal hand drills and electric drills.

How It Works:
Inside the black rubber, a casing is a sturdy steel linking mechanism that attaches to your electric drill or ratchet.
Simply slide into place, choose the appropriate head and get going with your project.
The extra length and flexible angles turn challenging jobs into proud accomplishments.

Packaging Includes:
1 x Flexible Drill Shaft Extension.

Flexible Drill Shaft Extension
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