Dogjacket™ - Waterproof Dog Winter Coat

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Don't let your dog suffer this winter - get them a new coat!

Winter can be tough on dogs, especially small breeds or those without a thick coat. But there’s no need to worry – you can help your furry friend stay warm with our cozy dog winter coat.

Dogs love the cold weather just as much as we do, but they need some extra protection. Help your dog stay warm this winter with a stylish new coat!

Winter can be a tough time for dogs, but with one of our dog winter coat, they’ll be able to enjoy walks even on the coldest days. Our coats are designed to keep them warm and dry, so you can rest assured knowing they’re comfortable and safe. Plus, they’re stylish too.

Why should you have this dog winter coat?

  • Keep your dog warm and comfortable in cold weather.
  • Help protect them from health risks associated with the cold.
  • Show your dog you love them by keeping them safe and warm.
  • Make winter walks more fun for both of you by keeping your dog friend happy and healthy.
  • Help them stay healthy and happy during the colder months.

Features :

  • KEEP YOUR DOG WARM THIS WINTER - No more shivering and shaking! Keep your dog warm and snug with our high-quality, stylish dog winter coat. We have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from so that every pup can be happy and comfortable this season.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - Our winter coat is made of high-quality materials, which are soft and comfortable. It is a perfect gift for your lovely dog in cold days.
  • CREATIVE DESIGN - The design is simple but creative, which can be matched with any other clothes easily. Besides, it's lightweight and easy to carry around when you are going out with your dog.
  • RANGES AND OCCASIONS - This pet coat can be used in different occasions such as daily walks, outdoor activities or traveling etc. You will not worry about the cold weather anymore!

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Package Included :

  • 1 x Dogjacket™ - Waterproof Dog Winter Coat

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kara Pierson
sizing runs extremely small

The overall coat is very nice and seems like it will be sturdy enough. I bought an XL for my 9 pound poodle/pom mix.

Perfect fit for my small, long pups! (This coat is for SMALL dogs only!)

Perfect!! Several years ago I found a coat with a built in harness like this in the clearance section of a pet store. It has been put to good use and is falling apart, but I’ve had a hard time finding a replacement. Plus, since then I’ve gotten another dog so I needed a second one. I live in north-ish Indiana, which can be quite cold in the winter. I would have to put the harness under their coats which wasn’t very functional because the harnesses weren’t big enough to fit on top. I even bought several sleeveless puffer coats I found on clearance with the intention of ripping open the seams and adding the harnesses myself, but I never got around to it. I had also scoured Amazon the past few years, and the options were few and very expensive. Just over prime day I stumbled upon this one without purposefully looking. Unlike some other customers writing reviews, I paid attention to the sizing— this coat is meant for little dogs, so it’s not the same sizing you would use at your pet store. Along with the size chart, I looked at the weight and body type of dogs in the reviews to pick a size. Hopefully my addition can help others pick the best size, too- I went with an XL for both my dogs: an 11 lb maltipom that is built pretty solid and a little long, and a 9 lb skinny, lanky and long Maltese. Coats are notoriously too short for them if they fit around the waist. Anything long enough is way too big everywhere else. These coats fit PERFECTLY! I was surprised that the same size fit both my boys, but they did! The best part is they are long enough. I adjusted the harnesses as small as they go and they fit well. Sometimes coats with zippers on the back are difficult to get zipped just because of gravity, but I knew from my previous coat with a built in harness that it’s easiest if you buckle the harness first and then zip up the coat. I live the colors- I picked green (a military green) and navy. One thing I was not expecting- how warm they look. These are nicely lined with fleece and are very thick. I cannot speak to durability just yet, as I did see in some other reviews the seams ripped. Since it’s 90 degrees out, these won’t be used for awhile. I wanted to make sure to grab them while they were available since they were difficult to find before, and the prime day deal didn’t hurt either. I will provide an update this winter with my impressions on functionality and durability.Update: still going strong after using multiple times a day for over a month. They are super warm, and show no signs of falling apart. I’ve washed one once and the other twice. I’ve had other coats that start falling apart at the seams, but these still look great so far. The zipper fell off the one when I washed it first but I know someone who is handy with getting them back on. Just make sure to zip them shut before you wash! I will be washing fairly regularly because one downside of the design just with my one dog specifically is that the coat sits too close to his pelvis, so occasionally he will pee on it 😣 every dog’s body is different though, so one design won’t suit every dog perfectly, that’s just not realistic. He also squats like a girl, while my other male lifts his leg, so that probably contributes. Still happy I bought these, may buy 2 more so I can rotate them while the others are hang drying!Follow up 2 months into winter- still intact and working well for use multiple times a day. When you wash them, make sure to zip them up! The zipper pull fell off but luckily I know someone who knew how to get it back on. I did find 2 design flaws that bug me a bit. 1- there is no flap under the zipper. If my pups aren’t fresh after a hair cut, their hair can easily get zipped up in the zipper. 2- the sliders on the harness move too easily. For my pups, I need the harness adjusted as small as it will go, but they gradually slide larger so I have to keep readjusting them. Overall still happy to have them, but not perfect (is anything ever perfect anyways?).

Aimee Cayer
Perfect Fit!

My shih tzu absolutely loves his jacket. I ordered him a large and it fit perfectly. He loves lounging in it too. We love not having to put on a harness and then the coat. Love that it's all in one.

Well constructed with built in harness! Size XL

I am amazed at how well this coat fit my dog! I

Best winter coat for dogs on Amazon

The media could not be loaded.  These coats are warm, very durable, cozy and doesn’t fall off their front legs like other coats do. I am very satisfied. I don’t remember the cost but these are the only coats that stay on my dogs 100% so I would completely buy again.

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