32" Pet Dog Grooming Table With Adjustable Arm

$145.99 $98.97

Say goodbye to pet grooming struggles with our Dog Grooming Table!

Our Pet Dog Grooming Table is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to groom their dog at home. With its modern design and highly functional features, this table makes it easy to get the perfect grooming experience for your pet.

Your dog will thank you as they feel comfortable and safe on our top-of-the-line pet grooming table.

With this table, you can easily adjust the height and position of the grooming arm and noose to suit your needs. The tabletop is made of high-quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and disinfect. It also comes with a non-slip rubber mat that helps keep your dog in place while you work.

Why should you have this dog grooming table?

  • The table is designed for easy grooming.
  • The table is easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Your pet will feel more calm and relaxed during grooming sessions.
  • You can groom your pet at home with ease.
  • Make the grooming process easier on yourself.
  • The table has a non-slip surface that prevents dogs from slipping.

Features :

  • SAVE TIME & ENERGY - No more struggling to groom your pet dog on the floor! This grooming table is designed for easy, comfortable use. The perfect height and surface area allows you to focus on your craft.
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE - A safe and secure surface is essential when grooming your pet. Our grooming table features an anti-slip & waterproof surface, preventing any accidents or injuries.
  • ANTI-SLIP & WATERPROOF SURFACE - This dog grooming table has an anti-slip surface that prevents your pet from sliding around while you are working on him/her. The waterproof feature ensures that the surface stays clean and hygienic even after multiple uses.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - This dog grooming table is built with a modern design in combination with highly functional features. The top of the table is made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes it anti-slip and waterproof.
  • FOLDABLE LEGS - Our folding legs allow for easy storage and transportation of your pet grooming table. This feature also reduces the space required when storing or displaying this product.
  • GREAT LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY - this grooming table can hold up to 220lbs, making it perfect for any pet dog. The sturdy construction ensures that your dog will be safe and secure while you groom them!

Specifications :

  • Material: MDF, Iron, PU, Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Net weight: 10.8kg/23.8lb
  • Gross weight: 11.4kg/25.1lb
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 100kg/220.5lb
  • Dimension: 80.5 x 46 x 76cm/31.7 x 18.1 x 29.9 inch (L x W x H)
  • Rope length: 53cm/20.9inch

Package Included :

  • 1 x 32" Pet Dog Grooming Table With Adjustable Arm

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Denise M.
Couldn't be happier with this table!

This table just arrived and I couldn't be happier! Extremely stable and heavy duty. I was skeptical after reading some not so great reviews, and then seeing the box - which was beat up unbelievable, to pull this out and set it up. Yes, the leash part is flimsy, but I have well-behaved shelties, and can't really imagine needing anything stronger for them. The pole is sturdy and easy to assemble. Maybe I'd invest in one of the harnesses that keep them from sitting, but I'll see if that's necessary. I purchased the 32" table size, and it's perfect for my 32 lb sheltie. For under $100 with delivery you seriously can't go wrong here. I highly recommend, and I'm not easy to please!

I've saved money in grooming with this table it's already paid for itself !

PERFECT !I have 4 dogs and I use this frequently.Definitely worth every pennyEasy set upFast deliveryExactly as describedI've saved money in grooming with this table it's already paid for itselfGreat purchase

Very nice table. Great buy

I am very happy with this table.It also has a ridged non slip top that is very easy to wipe clean.I’ve used this for 2years now? And it’s great.Totally worth it if you groom your dog or show.And it folds up and can be tucked away when not in use.

Dustin Alcock
Back saver!

It's great not having to sit on the floor and kill my back with shaving my kids!

So Worth It!

We’ve got a 1.5 yr old Doodle who’s a delight (Kona). As many doodles have, her coat is a beautiful challenge. My wife (Julia) takes great pride in keeping her well groomed and her coat un-matted. The groomers always remark how much they appreciate it when Kona goes in the shop.Well like many things these days getting a grooming appointment has become a challenge. Last week Julia called and was told the next available appointment is in 2 months. Calls around our area found the same or most were not taking new clients.Julia laughed about just doing it herself. So we did our research and found that most table grooming attachments would not fit the thickness of the tables we could use and that those that could didn’t have impressive reviews. So we decided to spend the extra $ and selected this grooming table. We figured the worst would be we’d have another small folding table.The table arrived promptly and our first surprise was it was so darn stable. I mean this thing is really well built. It’s a tad heavy but it needs to be. It has to hold an almost 60 lb dog and be safely, and it does. This is quality built IMHO. The edges are metal wrapped for durability. The legs are sturdy. The surface is of a non-slip type. The arm attachment is well made and secured well.Kona seemed fine since the table didn’t wobble at all. She just stood there quietly while she got her first brush out at home. My wife’s newest find was the “Hertzko Undercoat Dematting Comb/Rake” and as you can see from the picture it either worked well or Kona was hiding a black Pomeranian in her hair.Julia says she’s confident with the table so much she’s ready to take the next step and try giving Kona her spring cut. That is, if I’ll take on doing the washing and nail trimming. I guess it’s only fair. 😃Oh and since I didn’t know much about what it usual costs for all the regular grooming services Kona used to get, I asked. Julia said for all the particulars Kona usually gets it runs about $65-70 including tip for each visit which is, give or take, every 2-3 months. So if you are willing to use this just for brushing your dog it’s a deal and if you’re willing to do more it’s a steal.

32" Pet Dog Grooming Table With Adjustable Arm
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