Dog Car Seat Cover

Color :
Black and Orange

Keep your car clean and your pet safe with the Ultimate Dog Car Seat!

Enjoy road trips with your pet without any stress or worry. With the Ultimate Dog Car Seat Cover, you won't have to worry about pet hair getting all over your car's upholstery or scratches from your pet's claws. Instead, you can focus on the journey and create memories with your furry companion.

Travel with peace of mind, knowing your pet is secure and comfortabl!

Upgrade your road trip experience with the Ultimate Dog Car Seat - a must-have accessory for pet owners looking to keep their car's interior clean and their furry companions safe and comfortable on the road. And being able to focus on the journey rather than worrying about your pet's safety.

Why should you have this Dog Car Seat Cover?

  • Enjoyable journey with furry companion.
  • Protection for car's interior.
  • Comfortable lounging for pet.
  • Take pet on road trips without hesitation.
  • Showing love and care for pet.
  • Pride in owning a functional and protective accessory.

Features :

  • WATERPROOF AND DURABLE POLYESTER MATERIAL - Our car seat cover is made from high-quality polyester material that is not only waterproof but can also withstand wear and tear from your pet on a day-to-day basis.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC NYLON OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY - We use hypoallergenic nylon of the highest quality to keep the interior of your car, truck, or SUV fresh and clean while protecting it from unwanted scratches, pet hair, leaks, and accumulated paw dirt.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR ANY VEHICLE - Through many tests on a variety of vehicles, this hammock has never failed to fit just right. No matter what vehicle you may own, this will be the perfect fit.
  • NON-SLIP BASE FINISH - Our car seat cover comes with a non-slip base finish designed to protect your pet from slipping towards the dashboard every time you hit the brakes. This translates to a much more worry-free driving experience for you, and a comfy lounging experience for your pet.
  • MULTIPLE POCKETS - Our car seat cover comes with multiple pockets that can be used to store your pet's essentials such as toys, water, and snacks.
  • EXTRA PADDING FOR ADDED COMFORT - Our car seat cover comes with extra padding for added comfort for your pet, ensuring that they are comfortable throughout the journey.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPES OF PETS - Our car seat cover is suitable for all types of pets, whether they are big or small, and can accommodate pets of all sizes and shapes.

Package Included :

  • 1x Dog Car Seat Cover
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