Adjustable Aquarium Heater

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Keep your tropical fish alive and healthy with our aquarium heater!

Maintaining a comfortable water temperature is crucial for your fish, and our aquarium heater is the best way to do it. With precise regulation and constant temperature, your fish will thrive in their environment.

Our aquarium heater maintains the temperature of your fish tank at a level that ensures optimum comfort for tropical fish.

Our heater offers the best technology on the market, so you can be confident that your fish are getting the best possible care. Plus, our sleek design will look great in your aquarium set-up.

Why should you have this aquarium heater?

  • Heater will maintain water temperature at a constant level.
  • Fish and other aquarium inhabitants will be comfortable and thrive in their new environment.
  • You're providing a safe, comfortable home for your fishy friends.
  • Watch your aquarium come to life with vibrant plant growth.
  • Your aquarium will be the envy of all your friends with its perfect climate control.

Features :

  • PRECISELY REGULATED WATER TEMPERATURE - The success of your aquarium inhabitants depends on a precise, stable water temperature. Our aquarium heater offers the best technology to ensure a constant temperature and prevent fluctuations.
  • AUTOMATIC ADJUSTMENT OF TEMPERATURE - The built-in thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature as needed, making it ideal for fish in an aquarium.
  • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE - Our aquarium heater can be adjusted from 68°F to 93°F (20°C - 34°C).
  • DURABLE AND SAFE DESIGN - Our aquarium heater is designed for safety and durability. It is totally submersible and waterproof, with a double insulation system that ensures long-lasting use.
  • EASY TO USE - Simply plug in the heater, set the desired temperature, and enjoy! No need for frequent readjustments or complicated settings.

Specifications :

  • Voltage: 110-120v
  • Frequency: 50/60HZ
  • Temperature Range: 20~34℃ / 68~93°F
  • Plug: US Plug

Package Included :

  • 1 x Adjustable Aquarium Heater
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