Anti-antibacterial refrigerator mats (4pcs)

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Still struggling to wipe that stubborn spill from your fridge? You need these Anti-antibacterial refrigerator mats! These handy mats serve as a protective barrier between messy foods and your clean fridge. No more time-consuming spills and messes to scrub out of your fridge. To clean up, simply remove the dirty mat from the refrigerator and wash it, so much easier! These pretty, Anti-antibacterial refrigerator mats can also be used on shelves and bins to protect your utensils from damage.
Once placed on the shelf, it will remain in place, but can still be easily repositioned for cleaning or replacement without damaging the surface of the shelf. This helps keep your items in place so they don't accidentally slip out, fall and break.

Main features:

  • Suitable for refrigerator, Anti-bacterial, Anti-oil, Anti-fouling, Anti-frost, Water-proof, Moisture-proof, Resists- stains, Mildew free
  • 4PCS Anti-antibacterial refrigerator mats
  • You also can be used to dress up your bookshelves, drawer, countertop, dining table, or even desk and so on.
  • Keep it tidy: Since the lining is waterproof and oil resistant, if oil or soy sauce leaks, all you need to do is clean the lining.
  • Adhesive side: Can be used to attach the pad to any surface you want, such as laundry racks, kitchen cabinets, closet drawers, refrigerator compartments, cutlery rooms, etc.
  • Cuttable: You can also cut it to your preferred size to fit your refrigerator, cabinet, or drawer.
  • Stay in place: If you encounter an annoying situation where items on the shelf slip off their position, you will find this lining very effective
  • Easy to install, reposition and remove
  • Soft, durable, versatile, and convenient
  • Made of antibacterial, weatherproof, odorless, non-slip, and washable materials.
Anti-antibacterial refrigerator mats (4pcs)
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