Air Seat Comfort Cushion

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Air Seat Comfort Cushion is an air-filled, adjustable, segmented air pouch design. The cellular design and the soft pliable material allow the individual to be immersed into the cushion for maximum pressure redistribution while decreasing friction and shear. Perfect for long drives, wheelchairs, individuals with skin/soft tissue integrity issues. It's built to last as the dynamic air cells won't harden or compress like gel or foam cushions. The air cell also allows air smoothly in and out. This provides additional help in promoting circulation. Perfect for long sitting at office chairs, desk chairs, car seats, airplanes, wheelchairs, and more.

Main Features:

  • Lasting Comfort: Specially designed to provide extra support for your hip and back with 64 plump 3D air cells covered with breathable Lycra fabric, when the airbag receives the squeeze, the gas flows to each other, producing a uniformly pressurized "anti-gravity" effect, this process can buffer the vertical pressure of more than 1/3 of the body weight, greatly reducing the load and pressure of the tail vertebra, support for long time driving.
  • Ventilation & Cool: Our design maximizes air circulation, when one cell is compressed the air flows to other cells around it, therefore reducing heat transfer and that uncomfortable office chair feeling, all whilst supporting your posture, preventing sedentary sweating
  • Full Support & Shape Body: The venting holes of the bumps form a unique support force to prevent the hip muscles from spreading, dispersing the pressure from the point line surface, it is not easy to form a flat hip, thus shaping the natural beautiful buttocks, also relieve your tailbone pressure pain and promote blood circulation, say goodbye to stiff and sore after a long time sitting.
  • Premium Cushion Material: This seat cushion adopts high-quality lycra and polyester fabrics that can be in direct contact with the skin, the fabric is smooth and comfortable, with good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, comfortable and breathable fabric with bottom non-slip silicone dots design makes this cushion more reliable.
  • Adjustable & Multipurpose: Adjust the amount of gas in the seat cushion according to individual needs, then changing the hardness of the seat cushion, this cushion can be used for home/office/school/car/wheelchair/train/airplane/yoga/camping/sports events, etc.


  • Weight: 280g.
  • Color: Black, Gray.
  • Material: TPU+LYCRA.
  • Size: 48.4 x 38 x 41CM.

Package Include:

  • Seat cushion x 1
  • Mini electric water pump x 1
  • Air pump x 1
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