Adjustable Kettlebell Sandbag

Do you miss weights from your favorite gym or class? We hear you. Are you looking for an effective at-home workout that you can easily pack away or switch up as needed? By popular demand, we have an answer for those looking to add weight to their workout routine! Our Adjustable Kettlebell Sandbag is perfect to adjust to your level based on which muscle group you are targeting and your goals. Torch serious calories but still travel light. Our leakproof bags will allow you flexibility and portability that you can't get from heavy iron weights.
Adjustable Kettlebell Sandbag is made of 16A canvas, durable, wear-resistant, and easy to clean material, silicone handle for sporty comfort.

Main features :

  • Take your kettlebell workout anywhere, ideal for traveling or home workouts.
  • Perform swings, squats, presses, pulls, get-ups & more with the kettlebell.
  • Made of tear-proof canvas material, lightweight, easy to carry. More rugged design for tougher outdoor workouts.
  • Ergonomic handle with silica gel grips to make exercise comfortable.
  • The filling material can be sand, soybean, iron powder & rice.
  • Boxing, military strength training, training core strength, etc. It is suitable for all levels.
  • Start with a lower weight and add sand as you get stronger without having to buy heavier kettlebells!
  • Allows for 0-30 lbs of weight adjustment!
  • Adjustable Kettlebell Sandbag is so effective because it can be used to target many body parts through different workouts. They enable you to: Increase your strength, Build up speed/cardio, Increase endurance levels, Target the upper and lower body specifically
Adjustable Kettlebell Sandbag
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