46" X 36" Glass Office Chair Mat For Carpet or Hardwood Floor

$199.00 $119.97

Make your office look chic and modern with our glass chair mats!

Our Glass Office Chair Mat is the perfect solution to protecting your floors from scratches and scuffs. Made of 100% clear glass, these mats are durable and will last for years. They also have a beveled edge for smooth transitions and can hold 1000s of pounds on both carpet and hard floor surfaces.

Get a smooth, rolling office chair and never worry about getting stuck again!

With a Glass Office Chair Mat, you'll never have to worry about damaging your floors again. You'll be able to move your chair freely without worrying about leaving marks or scratches behind. And because they're made of glass, they're easy to clean and look great in any office setting.

Why should you have this glass office chair mat?

  • You'll never have to worry about your chair getting stuck again.
  • Roll smoothly and effortlessly from one task to the next.
  • Keep your office looking great with a 100% clear glass mat.
  • Create an efficient and beautiful workspace that makes you excited to come into work every day.
  • Enjoy the ease and convenience of a product that just works.

Features :

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS - Our Glass Chair Mat is made of the highest quality materials and is designed to last! The non-slip grip on the bottom of the mat prevents it from sliding, while the beveled edge makes for a smooth transition from your floor to your chair.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FLOORING TYPES - Our Glass Chair Mat is designed to work on all flooring types, including carpet, hardwood, tile, and rugs! You'll never have to worry about where you can use this chair mat again because it's safe for all flooring types. Plus, our chair mat won't slide around on your floor!
  • BEVELED EDGE FOR SMOOTH TRANSITIONS - Our glass chair mat has a beveled edge for smooth transitions between your chair and the floor. You'll never have to worry about getting stuck on a sharp edge again!
  • 100% TRANSPARENT GLASS - You'll never have to worry about hiding your beautiful flooring again! Our glass chair mat is 100% clear and will show off your floors like no other chair mat can.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Our chair mat is easy to clean with a damp cloth or mop. Just wipe it down and you're done! Never worry about spills because our chair mat can handle anything you throw at it!

Specifications :

  • Size: 46"L x 36"W x 0.2" Thick
  • Material: Tempered Safety Glass (Can Hold Over 1000 lbs)
  • Color: Clear, transparent

Package Included :

  • 1x 46" X 36" Glass Office Chair Mat
  • 4x Anti-skid Pad

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Business User
This is the Chair Mat you WANT to buy!

I searched for hours looking at all the different mats and their mixed reviews. I was concerned that a glass mat not be durable enough for my "Very Heavy" office chair with me in it! While those standard Office Supply type chairs may weigh in at around 30lbs...my chair easily tops the scales at 100+ lbs! Well I am no longer worried about it breaking! I have been using this for about a month and it works great! I also thought my chair would be to given to easily rolling off this mat but "NOPE"...it's perfect! Stop looking at anything else and just buy this one! It's a great value for a glass mat and you won't be disappointed!

C. Joe
Love it

Wow. Its truly great.

Solid platform that you can see through.

The Glass chair mat was delivered the day after I ordered it. The glass is clear so my rug is visible with no distortions.A good buy if you are tired of the old plastic mats. The weight of the glass holds the mat in place and those'spikes"

well packaged and handles big load

I'm not a small guy, so I wanted a mat to put on top of the carpet in my home office that would allow me to use a rolling chair without destroying the fairly plush carpet. The 'plastic' chair mats on top of plush carpet develop low spots where the chair casters usually sit.This doesn't. Rock solid. Beautifully packed and padded with styrofoam, also came with rubber stick-ons to prevent it from sliding around on the carpet. Looks really good in my office, too. Wife-approved :)For the price, excellent deal. Highly recommended.

Great Purchase!

I bought 2 of these to go under my parrots cages. I got tired of rubber mats moving under the cages and after 20 years I decided to go with glass. Every few years I was replacing the rubber mats but these will last a long time. Wish I had done it sooner. They are on top of carpet and so far they are staying in place. They are very sturdy and they are fairly easy for me to maneuver. I had no issues with these and they were packaged very well. I would definitely recommend them....also the price was very reasonable.

46" X 36" Glass Office Chair Mat For Carpet or Hardwood Floor
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