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Balloon Helicopter For Kids

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This classic toy isn’t just fun, it’s also educational. You get to put the helicopter together from scratch, too. Start by connecting all the parts like the back of the package shows. Then simply blow up the balloon, pinch it shut, and wrap it over the plastic tube. Toss it up into the air and watch the helicopter spin and propel itself further into the air. All the while, the escaping air makes the helicopter whistle. How cool!
The balloon-powered helicopter allows young students to learn about the properties of air pressure and flight, but also allows students a chance to practice basic mechanical construction.
This toy can exercise your child's lung capacity and has the ability to increase your child's science knowledge. A toy for the game is fun and healthy.


  • Item Type: Balloon Helicopter
  • Weight:9g
  • Size:280*280mm
  • Size of gas leaf:130*37mm
  • Package included: 2 x Balloons, 3 x Rotors, 2 x Connectors

Main Features:

  • Made using safe and high-quality materials, these balloon-powered helicopters provide plenty of action when you race your friends and family.
  • The balloon helicopter toy turns a normal balloon into a sophisticated flying machine. Extremely easy to set up. Wings are to be attached to the central piece (hub) which is then attached to a balloon.
  • Perfect educational toys for kids, a great way to learn about flight and gravity – this helicopter uses the theory of converting air pressure in the balloon into kinetic energy to lift it against gravity and fly.
  • Great for parties and kids will love it. Blowing balloons is a favorite activity of any kind at a party. Blowing a balloon that has wings will be even more fun and exciting and challenge your children’s imaginations.