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Boxing Reflex Ball

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WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR REFLEXES, CONCENTRATION, AND SPEED? Boxing Reflex Ball is the perfect training equipment for you!
With the ball's unpredictability, it will keep you on your toes and anticipating every next punch. Boxing Reflex Ball will improve these well-needed skills.
WANT TO GET FIT BUT DONT ENJOY EXERCISING? This Boxing Reflex Ball on a string is a fun alternative to shadow boxing and keeps your concentration levels high whilst really burning those arms. Once you become a boxable pro you can dictate the speed due to its high-quality elasticity to your work rate.
FIND IT HARD TO FIND TIME TO TRAIN? A huge benefit to boxable is that it's lightweight easily packable meaning you can take it anywhere; boxing gym, park, the beach, or you could even use it on your work break. The other handy feature it has a comfortable adjustable headband so that it fits both adults and children!
Boxing Reflex Ball IS FOR EVERYONE!! whether you are a seasoned boxing professional or just wanting to keep fit Boxing Reflex Ball will have a benefit for you! It would be a great asset to many sports training routines such as Boxing, MMA/any combat sport, Tennis, or baseball where hand-eye coordination plays a big part in the sport.

Main features :

  • SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Boxing Reflex Ball is a perfect fit for a man or woman, teenager or child. They can enjoy it without any worries about hitting themselves in the face, eyes, nose, and fists as well. Not only suitable for boxing, MMA, and other combat sports boxing but also can use to coordination and reflex ability improve.
  • TRAIN ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: You don’t have to go to a gym, Boxing Reflex Ball is good portable gym equipment, just strap the headband on, have fun, and burn your body within 15-20 minutes. Perfect for a work break, home, the school even for the beach and park.
  • EXCELLENT FITNESS BALL: Lightweight and portable, Teenager, adult or professional trainer can use it, popular and fashion equipment in work breaks or school breaks. Fight ball will improve your agility, concentration, reaction, and reflexes.
  • 360° ROTATOR INNOVATIVE DESIGN: New design makes it easier to punch. This 360° swivel applies to avoid winding while boxing, which might decrease the efficiency of hitting the ball and results to hit your eyes, face, body more frequently, even a professional boxer is bothered by that.